Plugins, Themes & Templates- The Nitty Gritties

Plugins, Themes & Templates- The Nitty Gritties

What about voidCoders WordPress Themes, Plugin, and Templates? We’re breaking it down for you.

WordPress Themes


Want a beautiful website? Congratulations! You’re in the right place. Our themes possess incredibly amazing and unique designs that ensure visibility and trigger the right activity from your visitors.


The themes are reliable with a guarantee of working upto three years. Honestly you can’t afford to re-do your website every 3-6 months. Not practical!

Easy to Update

We don’t want you going through the trauma of a crashed website. To address this, all our themes are designed with ease of updating to ensure they don’t crash on every update


Down the road you’ll obviously need to make changes to the website. Our themes are designed with flexibility that provides freedom of adjustment when needed.

Great Support

Imagine closing your business because of an untimely response to a problem? Totally sucks! Voidcoders team is prompt and always on standby to resolve any upcoming issues you may encounter.

WordPress Plugins

A Range of Options

Having the right business tools not only saves time but it also takes your business to the next level. Our range of plugins are designed to suit different business needs. We’re not about a one size fits all.

Different Contact Forms

Allowing customers to contact you should be your #1 business priority. That said, our forms come with different functionalities to meet different needs such as email subscription forms, contact forms and other types of online forms.

SEO Plugins

Once you’ve had your website published, how do you ensure it’s search engine friendly? One technique is via SEO plugins and which we’ve in stock to serve your needs.



Voidcoders templates offer you two types of content:

  • Full-width: Gives the impression of no boundaries on your website. It stretches on the full width of your computer screen from the left edge to the right edge.
  • Boxed-width: Includes a visible frame to the right and left side of the website giving a feeling of ‘being boxed’ into a certain area.

Strategically Designed Headers

Websites have a homepage header of some sort. We have carefully designed homepage headers that aid in successfully communicating your core message to your visitors.

Menu Bar Designs

It may not look important, but it does play a huge role in impacting how your visitors perceive your brand. At voidCoders, we put this into consideration by having different menu bar types, positions, and layouts.

Was this helpful? We hope so, but if you have a question, visit our contact center and we’ll be there to assist.

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