Best Creative Multipurpose PSD Template – Doxiva

doxiva- creative multipurpose psd template

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PSD templates! These are creatively designed to convert into such platforms like WordPress, Joomla and so on. PSD templates basically produce under some creative designing process. The templates help in providing significant dimensions. Also, front-end developers get info about elements from such templates.

Such a PSD template is Doxiva. Voidcoders has launched this product to implement converting process being done in CSS. Let’s dive into the depth.

Doxiva- Creative Multipurpose PSD Template

Doxiva is a PSD template that works like a graphics designer for any blogging platform sites. Such as WordPress, Joomla, HTML, Magento and more. At first, enhance site visual and forward to ingenious developers to execute the enrolment. This one actually a pre-designed web layout. It determines to display the web pages how should they look before viewers when they placed in HTML and CSS.

Including the above features, this one does a very amazing job to convert PSD to HTML, WordPress, Joomla and more. Let’s check what features from this toolkit are waiting for us.

What Should You Look for in a PSD Template?

  • Utilize with basic web design
  • Sketch
  • Visual design
  • Wireframe
  • Presentation with slideshow
  • Prototype

Are you waiting to know if Doxiva contains all requirements? Read below to know more.

Check it out!

Bringing Out Doxiva Offers

  • 6+ Homepage variation
  • 6 blog styles
  • 12 portfolio variations
  • 30+ stunning PSD templates
  • 100% pixel perfect
  • 100% of all types of device responsive
  • Modern layouts
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4X
  • 1170px grid system
  • Fully customizable
  • Sorted photo galleries
  • Free Google Fonts

Font’s type: Poppins

Icon: Flaticon

Why should one choose Doxiva?

  • Creative and stunning PSD templates
  • Detail layered PSDs
  • Sorted Photoshop
  • Endless image editing options
  • 24/7 customer service

Pricing: $14 including buyer fee for a regular license.

Wrap Up

Above article is all about two concepts. One is the PSD template and another one Doxiva which is also in the same category. Also, an elegant and modern web layout. If front-end developer cut out a related asset like the icon, this one will help in it as a basic feature. It’s clear that Doxiva doesn’t leave a stone unturned to show your website as a unique one among other sites.

Perhaps, you may use for your personal need. We are waiting to know some great experiences from you!


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