WePaint- Best Creative HTML5 Template for Painting Business

best painting website template

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Do you have such passionate about which apt your soul? You can evaluate the creative templates for painting. Similar to the profound things as cooking, yoga, writing and traveling. Generally, painting template comes with lots of customization and editing options. Also, the user can extend image support and sort galleries.

So these templates is a must for photographers, painter and makeup artist who can dabble in each profession.

WePaint- Creative HTML5 Template for Painting Business

We gave a short details of creative painting templates. With this perception, Voidcoders have launched WePaint which is a creative HTML5 Template for a painting business. This is a well-suited template that offers professional HTML5 and CSS3 codes together.

Also, the coding methods assist to generate unique portfolios of single hosts or painting companies.

Tips to remember while choosing a painting template:

  • Endless editing option
  • Latest coding methods which must be professional to represent well enough site
  • Bootstrap 4X compatibility
  • All software supported
  • Customizable quote calculator
  • Colorful demos and several new designed layouts
  • All device responsive

Can WePaint offer the overall features? Let’s perceive from WePaint offers.

What WePaint Offers You?

Similar to other ones, WePaint has come up with a beautiful variety of features. Let’s get amazed by WePaint latest forms.

  • Planned based on Bootstrap 4X
  • 1140 Grid system
  • 12 columns
  • 23 HTML files
  • 3 homepages
  • 100% all device responsive
  • 100% pixel perfect design
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Customizable with such different layouts and colors
  • Live chat or text message option

Font Used:

  1. Arvo and
  2. Muli

Icon used:

  1. Font Awesome and
  2. Falticon (IconFont)

Bonus offer: List of 23 HTML pages

  • index.html
  • index-2.html
  • index-3.html
  • about-us.html
  • about-us-2.html
  • blog-details.html
  • blog-details-2.html
  • blog-details-3.html
  • blog-details-4.html
  • blog-right-sidebar.html
  • blog-left-sidebar.html
  • blog-main.html
  • Coming-soon.html
  • Contact-us.html
  • Contact-us-2.html
  • Our-team.html
  • portfolio.html
  • portfolio-2.html
  • portfolio-details.html
  • service.html
  • service-2.html
  • service-details.html
  • 404.html
Compatible with Bootstrap 4X, HTML5, CSS3  and JS5 
All device responsive 
Available noob-friendly documentation 

Pricing: $12. Get extended 12 months customer service at $2.63.

Wrap Up

The whole thing about WePaint is a collection of such perfect features. The features that enable painting company or small color shops to generate a suitable site according to their demands. Because the whole features follow all moderated standard bases.

Do you like WePaint? Share experience with us about this budget-friendly template.


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