Top 5 WordPress CRM Plugins Index

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Want to boost up your online business? Customer relationship management can help it to develop.
How? Which WordPress CRMs are ready to help you?
Let’s have an open discussion where you will get the answers.

Basic knowledge of WordPress CRM

Which is the hardest part in customer care service? To engage customers as with their demands. Customers always want to get easy data and free to provide data. So there needs a tool. The idea has formed into Customer Relationship Management. In short, CRM.
CRM plugins on WordPress website have mottos-
  • The fastest way to grow business
  • Increase profit and customer retention
  • Ensure customer security
  • Certify company security by keep records of customers
  • Compete in affiliation aspect
Also for increasing sales, a company WordPress website needs WordPress CRM plugin.

Top 5 WordPress CRM Index

The major motto of WordPress CRM is-
  • To increase the potential of sellers and
  • Maintain connection with clients
Here I present the index of top 5 WordPress CRM plugin.


As the contribution of weDevs, WP ERP CRM has created. This one is adjustable for CRM, HRM and accounting solutions. By the few days, it has achieved 3000+ active installs.
Core Features of WP ERP
  • Smooth lead and community opportunity listing
  • Build Schedules and email notification
  • Company profile listing
  • Easy activity overview
  • Logging feature for every event
User Rating: 5/5
It is on top of the index. Why? Because of its’ dashboard. Once you add this on WordPress website, handle customers by upholding different level. So this one is very much speedy and full of versatility.
To know in detail about WP ERP, click here.


UpiCRM is not old enough in the market. As this one serves as the lead management and WordPress CRM. With this service, has achieved 2000+ active installs.
Core Features of UpiCRM
  • Great integration with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms
  • Create maps on existing database
  • Import present data from Contact forms record
  • Supports URL tagging
  • Increase traffic on the website
User rating: 4.8/5
This assigns the lead to team members. Also, this is effective for marketing and tracking customers. It creates traffic on site through the campaign. And has full set up option for a full picture of marketing effectiveness. To create own data analysis, export data to MS Excel. In short, UpiCRM is a perfect tool.

UkuuPeople CRM

Know any WordPress CRM which emphasizes simplicity and tangibility?
You are in right place. UkuuPeople is compatible with huge contact management overview. Most encouraging part is the amenabilities with GDPR. This one has reached 1000+ active installation.
Core Features of UkuuPeople CRM
  • Track relationships activity via Touchpoints
  • Attach documents to Touchpoints record
  • A quick view of favorite contacts and upcoming schedule
  • Automatic data collection from frontend
  • Simple to access and share data
  • Capture donation and payment information
User rating: 5/5
Touchpoint, tribes, integrations and dashlets are the elements of this CRM. Also, it contains free demos on its site. Besides, it has exclusive add-ons to remove your difficulties.


This plugin has some plain actions which will expand ideas. For what? To improve and expand user management with significance. With its interactive skills, has reached over 5000+ installs. Now WP CRM is also available on Github.
Core Features of WP CRM
  • Effective admin control panel
  • Organize users custom attributes with quantifiable data
  • Excellent filtering and editing
  • WP- invoice integration
  • User CSV exporting
  • Group notification (Add-on)
  • Integration with contact forms for frontend
User rating: 3.9/5
WP CRM allows generating custom fields. Later for simple contact resolution, contains filter option. So this plugin marks your business a progressed one.

Zero BS WordPress CRM

Need a great approach to self-host your own CRM? Everyone does. With this plugin, you can manage customers with transactions. Along with this, managing invoices and quotes are such smooth.
Core Features of Zero BS WordPress CRM
  • Interactive quote and invoice builder
  • B2B mode to access contact
  • Super easy extensions
  • Sales Dashboard for self-data analytics
  • CRM audit system and CRM API
  • Zero feature bloat
User rating: 4.8/5
Here Good CRM means Zero BS WordPress CRM. Why? Here is the documentation.
Online business and related customers are not tough to handle. The above index of WordPress CRM can thrive your business. Making the right choice of CRM can advance your one. Those free WordPress CRM can alter your asset into loyalty. WordPress push you your site to development and CRM will one step more.
This is the time to choose the right one and try it out.
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