Introduction with the Best Custom Post Types Plugins

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Custom post type plugins can turn your WordPress website into a standard CMS. Those types of plugins enable to introduce some unique features. Like subscription option tools. custom post types also attract site visitors and make them regular customers. Those improve the reading experience of visitors.

WordPress has two types of contents in common: posts and pages. With the custom post types tools, you can generate and customize your blog related posts and pages. For instance, a hospital needs to brand. So they can customize the hospital’s services, doctors lists, charges and so on in posts and pages related.

Want to stand out from all others? The custom post types tools are there to help after installation.

How to use Custom Posts and Pages?

The main way to spawn custom posts is coding. WordPress has made it easier to custom posts without any coding knowledge. The custom post types plugins must help in it. Introducing with the best custom post types plugins.

1.      Custom Post Types and UI

The WebDevStudios has launched this amazing tool. The most attractive UI interface integration attracts users.

Remembering Features of Custom Post Types and UI:

  • Advanced CPTUI helps to create custom posts.
  • Gathered data and display them through CPTUI.
  • Use the Github Support Tab for potential bugs.


2.      Post Types Order

The Post Types Order toolkit has built considering everybody’s coding knowledge. The powerful interface supports the drag and drop sortable JavaScript competence.

Remembering Features of Post Types Order:

  • Order post and post related objects with drag and drop feature.
  • The AutoSort option will automatically change the code.
  • Re-order interface will alter the post


3.      Custom Sidebars

WPMU DEV has created a manger which manages and replace sidebars. One of the flexible widget area managers is Custom Sidebars at present situation.

Remembering Features of Custom Sidebars:

  • Want to design posts and pages in a dynamic way😃? Custom Sidebar allows this with displaying custom widget formations.
  • Easy to integrate with WP widget menu.
  • With import and export option, it has backup and share sidebars.


4.      Toolset Types

The web developers, as well as PHP developers, must appreciate the Toolset Types V3.0 plugin. The comprehensive fields API, security and compatibility updates surely force to appreciate.

Remembering Features of Toolset Types:


Let’s Get an Overview


Plugin Created By Active Installations
Custom Post Types and UI WebDevStudios 600,000+
Post Types Order Nsp Code 500,000+
Custom Sidebars WPMU Dev 200,000+
Toolset Types OnTheGoSystems 200,000+

Hope you already know when and which custom post types should be used. As custom post types let to custom your contents in a definite manner, you should take the higher advantage. Such as access control for fields and regard the contents with multilingual capabilities. Now you are free to use endless custom post types plugins in WordPress.

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