Top Website Monitoring Tools and Services

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In 2018, do you have any idea how many people use WordPress to build a website? Around 26.4% of the web according to w3techs and WordPress is now the best CMS. Why? Because of making versatility and empowering small to big online businesses.

For instance, the Forbes and Sony Music are the greatest creation of WP.

But how will you get the guidance or services to create a big site? I have the solution. Every part of this article will analyze the website monitoring tools and services.

The Significance of Website Monitoring Tools and Services

I put most simple discussion over the mandatory tools that a WP user need. The discussion has included the website functionality, security and time measurement.

An organization can be affected within a short time. Which cases?

  • Branding reputation
  • Sales management and
  • Customer satisfaction

I repeat that the lacking of website monitoring tools and services can take your site in a downward position.


Top Website Monitoring Tools and Services Analyzing

So it’s time to dive into the deeper of this article. Let’s check out the top website monitoring tools and services.




Do you have any idea why I have selected this as first in the list? At present, this plugin has the most popular control components. These can manage a site and important for operations professionals and developers.

As well as it is reliable to use when Pingdom has-

  • Provide insights based on buyer’s contentment
  • Automatic report system
  • Combined synthetic monitoring

If any user wants to check the speed test, Pingdom is the best.


Google Analytics by MonsterInsights


SEO ranking in Google search engine is how much important that neither needs to explain again. The best your site ranks higher, the more views there.

With good behavior, exact user statistics and actions, this can elevate your site at ease. Check how to integrate Google Analytics with Dashboard.




If you need complete business focused –

  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Alerts and
  • Dashboard

AppDynamics is the right option for you. For the above reasons, it might be known as the depth monitoring service center with hugely positive reviews.


ManageWP Worker


ManageWP Worker is one of the best premium plugin enlisted as monitoring tools and services. Amazing configuration sometimes gets harder to set up with the site. But if once you have installed, cannot stop prefer to others.

The number of monitoring features that it has packed insight-

  • Multiple site management
  • Restoration power
  • Backup




With lofty functions and operating model is Jetpack. One of the most popular and monitoring plugins also.

This comprehensive and freemium monitoring tool offers-

  • Track your website’s uptime
  • Alerting option by mail system
  • Auto subscription
  • Backup and automatic saving mode

Integrate your account and your site. Install Jetpack from the WP directory and set up to get a better service. Give a trial with premium Jetpack.


Wrapping Up

Want to compare the above monitoring tools and services?

         Tools or Service           Authorized by                 Rating
             Pingdom              SolarWinds                      5
       Google Analytics          MonsterInsights                    4.9
         App Dynamics           App Dynamics                    4.8
      ManageWP Worker             ManageWP                    4.8
               Jetpack             Automattic                    4.4


I want to clear one thing. Most of the above monitoring tools and services are premium. Of course, the paid one will make you gainer than the free one. But you should be concerned with your budget. Wisely choose the preferred and affordable one. Integrate the monitoring tools and services with your site and serve customers faster than before.

For any FAQ, leave a message in the comment section below.

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