List of Brilliantly Moderated “404 Error Pages”

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Suppose you are searching for an article on the internet. Then you find out about it with great effort. But after clicking on the link, it shows broken. Now it has turned out to be a pain for you.

We have explained the details in “Error 404 Not Found”. After starting a website, the 404 error page has become important. The HTTP user code responses with a blank page if it’s a broken link. The tradition became an enormous source of frustration. In recent years, creative developers have encountered designing 404 error pages. The 404 error page looks UX beautiful and humorous. Designed 404 error page doesn’t daunt people for searching.

In today’s article, we will discuss the challenging tools of creative developers on the 404 error page.


Pixar! It is a name of the most demanded app for designing 404 error page. Some people can’t tolerate acute things too much to heart. Pixar’s 404 error page is featuring Sadness from 2015. The simple and straightforward page attracts and sweetens the pill of broken links.

Cloud Sigma

Have you any idea of Cloud Sigma can do? Well, it is a Switzerland cloud server company. With brilliant approach in USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. They have achieved flexibility and control over cloud hosting service. The funny fact is, it can run over any unmodified operating system.

Fox Movies

Having trouble finding out your preferred films? Fox Movies site has driven in the way to inspire if you get a wrong URL. It displays a random cult movie clip in broken pages popups. The movie clips are resourceful with pithy captions. You can spot snippets from Napoleon Dynamite, Revenge Of The Nerds and so on selected ones.


Bluepath is an Atlanta-based data policy consulting company. This website is useful humour on its 404 error page. It keeps its gags topical in the data-driven map of informed crime in Atlanta. Merely, this illustrates that you are tactically off the map. Why? Since it’s a crime and you have not hired them for this yet.


Kaulo reigned in hosting company business for over 15 years. The designed 404 error page has a popup in internet time. The popup will take you to the game of “Kaulo Themed Space Invaders”. If you manage to mark over 1000 points, will get your hosting deal at discount rate. In recent, Kaulo is dominating in Pointe Pest Control with Kaulo Pest Invader game.

The Useless Web Index

Like a human, the useless websites also need off day. When the Useless Web Index cannot find anything you want, would provide you with some services. Such services are market peering, video of a meerkat and so on.


This website has created by Hitchhiker inspired by Stephen Hawkings. This French studio has moderated their 404 error page. But they have guided to Galaxy and Portal which use JavaScript. The 404 error page will subject you to a robotic tirade through text-to-speech tool meSpeak.

Dan Woodger

Have you ever think of some 404 error page can increase your hunger? Well, after clicking on the blocked link, your humour must be rough enough. But Dan Woodger can raise your appetite by showing a cheeseburger. Dan Woodger has drawn 404 error page with a cheeseburger on roller skateboard. But when it has no technical boundaries, introduce with Dan’s portfolios.


Lego is also reigning in hosting platform business for many years. In recent, it has redesigned itself with different features of services. Their 404 error page encourages your work. The page proves that you don’t require much technical-soundings.


“Turn Ideas into Products Faster” – this punchline is also the motto of Figma. Figma claims that they have the first UI based on browsers. Large websites would like to reshape their 404 error pages with heart’s content.


Every single website users must have faced off 404 error page at least once. But the significant number numbers that users landed on 404 error pages are high. The 404 error page is significantly capable of reducing bounce rate. Hope the above listed 404 error page designs will inspire you.

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