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Running a partnership business? Having trouble to manage all partners? Imagine that you’ve got a tool that can handle your partners’ calculation! How will you feel?

Well, Voidcoders has already a stock of fabulous plugins, themes and applications. Here is another surprise from Voidcoders for partners! They have added a Partnership Management System in their inventory. This a PHP script that comes with a simple UI for better user experience. Easy and simple installation like WordPress installation!

Partnership Management Tool

What does partnership management mean to you? Well, partnership management is a process which tends to keep statistics of channel partners. For instance, a company has 3 partners. How partners work collaboratively and distribute their costs and profits have included in the partnership management tool.

In short, the partnership management system aligns entire partners life-cycle that extends your online and offline business.

What Partnership Management System Offers You?

So much blah blah blah… But the partnership management system does not blabber. It works a lot to align with great features. What Partnership Management System offers to you? Let’s take a look.

  • First of all, you can add multiple trades and shareholders with one app. Just Download & easy Install.
  • Keep statistics of enterprise expenses, incomes and profits per month/year.
  • Income section details and verify.
  • Financial graph or chart.
  • Convert income and expenses to PDF or Excel.
  • Auto manager to assist the method.
  • Individual revenue chart.

Support: 24/7 support available for the customers.

Price: $14 with 6 months free assistance.

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How to Install Partnership Management System Tool

This partnership Management System offers you a lot. But if you do not know how to use this, you may not be happy enough with it. Let’s take a practical look.

  • At first, install it and upload script files to host. Unzip file.
  • Click MySQL link to login to cPanel.

  • Create a new database.

  • Include a user.

  • Add the user to the database.

  • Run the installed file.

How to use this tool?

  • You can see the homepage after login.

  • Add earning source and amount.

  • Earning details with user details is a stress relief process. Get the chance to export files as PDF and Excel.

  • Include expenses and amount. The date will be taken automatically from your system (Computer or Laptop)

  • User Wise Expense Details: Where expenses of each and every partner is viewed.

  • Unlimited User/Partner/Manager registration is also available

  • Database & SMTP Settings.

Quick Look:

Wrap Up

Voidcoders new intuitive Partnership Management System is a one-stop-shop for managing collaborative channels. Also, this one accelerates revenue. How? By reducing costs and saving time.

No need to use dairy or google sheets anymore to calculate income & expense and divide them among the partners! Buy this, save your time and see the results within a short time.

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