How to manage WP multiple installations with essential tools?

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Suppose your site is in the passive recurring revenue stream. After some days, you open many sites. Are you facing problems with WP multiple installations?

For a sustainable business, you require a few assistants at some points. There are two options to manage WordPress multiple installations:

  1. WordPress website management essential tools and
  2. WordPress multi-site.

Today’s discussion is on the first option of WordPress multiple installations.

How to manage WP multiple installations with essential tools?

To manage WP multiple installations, no need of an extra maintenance role with other stuff. WordPress multi-site is simple to go on choice because of-

Below tools will help to handle WP multiple installations of different clients.

1.      Manage WP

A great and popular solution for managing WP multiple installations is Manage WP. Remaining in its own right, servicing GoDaddy Pro.

Key features:

  • Get free Sucuri security checking tool.
  • Manage WP scans owner website.
  • Two-factor authentication with monthly backup.
  • Built-in tools collaborate with other maintenance.

Grade: A+

2.      GoDaddy

A few years ago, GoDaddy was known as GoDaddy Pro. By the passage of time, GoDaddy Pro has become GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides regularly updated products. If you deliver clients average products, GoDaddy is the right choice. How can it assist to WP multiple installations? Take a look at the features.

Key features:

  • Free to sign up and offers some basic maintenance that is available in the dashboard.
  • Track clients and make a list of them with their details.
  • Offers commission when a client buys eCommerce hosting products.

Grade: A+

3.      Infinite WP

To accelerate your eCommerce business and manage WP multiple installations, Infinite WP is correct one. Buy this one at the low budget at ease.

Key features:

  • With automatic backup option allows recording in off-site.
  • Keep controlling all websites for downtime.
  • Easy to launch WP multiple installations.
  • Creating traffic and staging are available.

Grade: A+

4.      Main WP

If your client’s sites don’t relate to each other, don’t worry. Main WP can relate them to make your WP multiple installations easier.

Key features:

  • Use two free plugins from the saved ones. Turn to a single installation.
  • Backup option for several files.
  • White label plugins to support clients.

Grade: A

5.      CMS Commander

Why should it catch user’s eyes? Along with managing WP multiple installations improves blog networks. To empower blog, SEO and marketing, CMS Commander plays the most vital role.

Key features:

  • Ensures security with all communications and SSL.
  • Malware scanning from dashboard which avoids from cloning.
  • Two-factor authentication integrates with Google analytics dashboard plugins.

Grade: A

Final Thought

Managing WP multiple installations is quite easy and you can play with it. Your aim is to enhance the eCommerce sector. This is possible when you will continue in delivering good services and products to clients. Above essential tools are just helping hands to such pointed time. But your efficiency, productivity and consensus will accelerate your WordPress site means your eCommerce business.

Start your eCommerce store in the new year 2019.

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