Top 5 Places for WordPress Free Themes


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Are you searching for good WordPress themes for free? Confused from where you should download as there are many results in Google? No worries. This post is going to help you. Let’s start… is the home to empower websites by over 60 million people. This has both free and premium themes which create all possibilities in the web world. Top free themes you can find on this site such as-
  • Roofers
  • BB E-commerce Store
  • Bento
  • Naturelle
  • Stacker Lite
  • Point and so on free themes with one click.
Also, you will find over 2000 themes categorized by recent, most popular and featured. Besides you can browse themes by colors, topographies, amount of columns and subjects. This site also has thumbnails with a view to having closer look at themes. So is one of the best places ever to get free themes.

Have you bored by searching through tons of themes? is the one, where you will find finest ones to add to your website. This individual contains more than 2500 themes. Also, it has a specialty to find out free themes by newest first. The themes you can browse through-
  • Search for by filter or keyword
  • Columns
  • Specific colors
  • A particular category such as blog, restaurant, business, finance and etc.
Thus this can change your option to manipulate your site and one of the best place ever.

This site provides entrepreneurs, businessmen and bloggers amazing free themes. Some experts who turn premium themes free on The sorting option that allows to view-
  • The up-to-date or oldest themes first.
  • The most standard of last three months
  • The greatest popular ever
  • Demo link to watch details
  • Free guidelines for setting up a theme is the most popular searching site for free themes. It provides the searching alternative for the refreshing and simple WordPress themes. Some of the free themes such as Galaxy and CreativeArt contain in it. has accumulated for few handfuls free WordPress themes. There must be a few free themes but are the elegant ones. So offers you-
  • All free themes in one page
  • Save your time and speedy search
  • Elegant and free WordPress themes
  • No filtering options
  • Each theme previews in full page
  • Free registration
  • Customizable
You only have to login in As the registration is free, you can download the themes with ease.

By way of, you can represent website more professional. This one also has premium themes, along with free and good ones. They have created their latest product Free Creative eCommerce Theme. This is developer friendly and compatible with different WooCommerce plugins. They have dozens of free WordPress themes. Among them News Portal Lite, Easy Store and Editorial news are popular.
Also, offers themes with-
  • Responsive design
  • Theme support to configure the theme
  • Prior customizable
  • Well formatted and clean coded is another best sphere. Their themes are fluid responsive and adapted to all devices. For designing your website with free themes, explore these sites and avail your one.
NOTE: Feel free reach us for help if you need! We are open to help with any problem related to theme and plugin setup & customization.

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