How to Take Actions by Hotkeys in Elementor?

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Hotkeys! What does it mean for you?

Well, it’s a great and useful thing for you. Hotkeys are well known to everyone as keyboard shortcuts. If you are a content writer and wants to save time? Or you want to make the editing easy? Then the keyboard shortcuts, means hotkeys are a big factor for you. Sometimes the newbies also remain in a dilemma that how to and where to use the these. We give priorities on these hotkeys usage.

Hope you have guessed our today’s topic. It’s on hotkeys usage in Elementor. Need a brief on Elementor latest version? Visit Introducing Elementor V2.2 article.

How to take actions by hotkeys in Elementor?


Redo Ctrl/Cmd + shift + Z Redo any modifications made on the page
Undo Ctrl/Cmd + Z Undo any modifications made on the page
Copy Ctrl/Cmd + C Copy a specific section, column or widget
Paste Ctrl/Cmd + V Paste a specific section, column or widget
Paste Style Ctrl/Cmd + shift + V Paste any section, column or widget styles
Duplicate Ctrl/Cmd + D Make a replica of the edited section, column and widget
Delete Delete Delete preferred part of editing
Save Ctrl/Cmd + S After all, save page in revision history


Catch the Features by Hotkeys


Mobile Editing Ctrl/Cmd + shift + M Switch to mobile view for editing
Panel / Preview Ctrl/Cmd + P Switch to preview or panel view
History Ctrl/Cmd + shift + H Move to history panel
Template Library Ctrl/Cmd + shift + L Open up template library and add into page
Navigator Ctrl/Cmd + I Easy to open navigator


The more frequent and easy to handle your PC for editing is here. If you want to save time, you should try the above actions. Because of time is money and nobody should waste it.  Now turn on your PC and start editing with the live page builder Elementor. For more update, keep your eyes on Voidcoders.

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