Introducing Elementor 2.2: Visual Page Building Reinvented

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Feeling thrilled with the reinvention of Elementor 2.2. With the most developed web design UI, it’s leading the plugin industry alone. Once, people considered it a CSS Hero. Now it has become the live page builder hero. With providing unparalleled designing speeds, featuring a wide collection of advanced capabilities. Think what’s not in Elementor 2.2?
Last time we have updated an overview of Elementor 2.1. Before you give a trial of Elementor 2.2, have details of it.

Elementor 2.2: A Short Overview

Elementor ship is a complete library that contains many templates and widgets. This plugin has such empowering configurations which made over 1 million active installations. The structures even let you create unique web pages. What are the newest features?
Corresponding to Elementor 2.2, below the details:
Navigation Tree Window: A feature which can clear your page clutter is the navigator. Long pages which are easy to handle with navigation tree window. Shape any sheets with complex schemes like minus margin and position absolute.
How to access the navigator tree window?
1st method: Before clicking on the navigator, right-click any element. This method specifies or redirects element that you need to edit.
2nd method: Move to Panel’s Footer and click on element’s button. You can also rename any origin.
3rd method: This one is a keyboard shortcut. Use the Ctrl / Cmd + 1 and re-arrange origins.
Autocomplete URL for Internal Networking: What is an automatic URL including appropriate text? Elementor 2.2 has this new feature to reduce the difficulty of users. Once you begin inputting in the URL, the word will add for the URL. The word will adopt from media files, pages and posts in your WordPress.
Debug Bar: Bugs are always around the pages you load. But Elementor 2.2 has added debugging option. The debugger helps to detect conflicts between templates or themes.
How to active debug mode?
  • Debugger locates in the admin bar in WordPress site. The web developers can moderate setting environment by:
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
  • Go to Elementor Settings >> Tools.
  • Now active the debug mode in Tools >> Debug Bar >> Enable.

Role Manager: You should be aware of the editing roles in Elementor 2.1. In this version, they have added the previous editing options. With the right click, press on Settings >> Advanced >> Editing Handles >> Enable. You can customize those in case of displaying.
Inner Section: Remember the Right Click in Elementor 2.1? It has columns widget which has renamed in Elementor 2.2. The Columns Widget has changed into Inner Section. All users have common mistakes in editing pages and posts.
The disturbing mistake happens while adding up a column with dragging columns widget. Instead of doing that, they admins should press right click >> add a new column. For avoiding marking up codes to the page. Now escape all unexpected behavior with inner section.

How to use Elementor 2.2?

With above in mind, all you have to do is practice Elementor 2.2. Neither you will lose your journey to be a perfect editor for your site.
Let’s have some practical knowledge from this video


Wrap Up

The all unimaginable and advanced capabilities are in Elementor 2.2. Increase your editing knowledge through this version of Elementor. As because we didn’t find any live page builder comparison to it. Elementor Pro has reinvented and turns Elementor into 100% visual and intuitive.
Why are you waiting? If you have not installed it yet, please hurry. The Elementor V2.2 is going to surprise you with amazing features and performance. Please do keep message us in the comment section about your experience with Elementor 2.2. Happy blogging!

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