Why Should You Need Pinterest Marketing Strategies?

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Pinterest is a perfect marketing tool with Pinterest marketing strategies. Sometimes it’s not to them who fail to devote time in it. But they should not underestimate it. Comparison to another social networking site, it’s a master tool. Pinterest has an easy learning curve with no irritating update notifications.

But don’t dare to consider it as small, the research on it tells another story. Pinterest’s search engine attracts over 200 million users. Also, achieved over 2 million monthly searches and 100,000 monthly pins.

Do you want to determine your brand with this? Let’s have an introduction with Pinterest.

Introduction to Pinterest Recent Level

What is Pinterest? It’s a company that drives a software system. The system was designed to express information on the WWW (World Wide Web). The best practice of Pinterest is using images, videos and GIFs. It’s free to use but kind of not. Users can use it after registration. They can even upload, sort, save and manage images in pinboards. The pinning option is available directly and indirectly.

In 2013, repining was the greatest action by customers. The greatest corporations like Hootsuite, Salesforce.com and such on have chosen it to implement their marketing strategies.

Pinterest Bandwagon

Still confused about Pinterest? Well, beyond the demographics of Pinterest will remove all confusions.

The visual nature must force people to a shop from the site. That’s why you need much more it in case of legitimate purchase. According to a study, the Pinterest bandwagon has spread out like a rocket.

Check it out here:

  • Pinterest pushes 17% of traffic to e-commerce sites
  • Two-third of pins displays products of brands
  • Pinners don’t disappoint marketers. In a war of competitive market, 87% pinners buy something

Even though like women, men are getting into Pinterest. Why? Because of the promotions of different usual products. The University of Minnesota and Georgia Tech have researched on Pinterest products. Here we adorn the list by the popularity.

  • Food and drink
  • Home décor
  • Women’s fashion
  • Crafts

40% fresh signups are men for:

  • Art
  • Photography
  • Clothes
  • Design
  • Home decor

Pinterest has the largest audience, why? It plays an aspirational role either for purchasing intent or help plan life events. Evergreen contents on Pinterest compares with all public sites as before have told. About 151,200 minutes only you have to spend for business purpose. The improvement level is superior to 90 minutes on Facebook and 24 minutes on Twitter per day.

Pinterest Features You Should Know

Once upon this simple pinning board, now has elevated into marketing strategy idol. Its features are supporting for business as well as branding functions.

Pinterest Business Account

Since 2012, the business account has rolled out as a feature. So have a look at what are this feature carrying in its yield.

  • Case studies and best practices in Pinterest are the best ways to use this platform for the educational purpose.
  • Pinterest Analytics works like Google Analytics. It shows how people are engaging with your company.

Rich Pins

Before getting access to rich pins, register in a Pinterest Business Account. Rich pins is a concept of Rich Snippets option similar to SEO Snippets.

Elements                                                                           Details
Article                 Article Yield of Pinterest is full of the required topic’s details of customers
Apps                Apps which are iOS compatible are available to download
Product                Pinterest labels products by pricing, colors,  availability and with different categories
Recipe                All cooking instructions within second by a click

How to Avail Rich Pins?

Rich pins help and show your company reader quantity increasing day by day. It has increased by 173% revenues, 106% transactions, 51% conversion and 36% traffic.

  • At first very your website to avail rich pins
  • Add metadata or an oEmbed point
  • Test rich pins and apply to get entry to Pinterest

Buyable Pins

The buyable pins mean to allow peoples to buy their preferred products. They will not require to leave Pinterest in case of purchasing goods. The best integration of different eCommerce platforms (2nd paragraph). The whole configuration has a mobile optimization. After setting up buyable pins, will see a “blue shop” link address on your Pinterest owned page. Shopify, BigCommerce integrate with Pinterest.

Over 42% of online stores were empowering by WooCommerce in previous years. The bad news is WooCommerce can’t support for buyable pins.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics analyzes data in three categories:

Pinterest profile Impressions, clicks, saves and all-time represent your profile data
Activities of your site Once you verify your site, will get the access to see which content is engaging more people with your company
Peoples ability to reach your company Details about individuals who follow your pins, boards or any interactions with your content

Pinterest Advertises

Users have the opportunity to paid Pinterest ads to promote their pins. This feature increases users view rather than advertising in Facebook or Instagram. This one is now available only in the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK and New Zealand.

A report from Pinterest shows that 20% clicks take parts on promoting pins. Three types of ad campaigns that Pinterest offers:

  1. Awareness
  2. Traffic and
  3. Engagement

Ad formats include –

  • Promoted videos
  • Promoted pins
  • One-tap pins which take to the relevant content
  • Cinematic pins and
  • Promoted app pins

In a recent update, Pinterest has triggered a search advertising feature. Your intent to safe investment by Pinterest marketing strategies will encourage other companies.

Best Practices of Pinterest on WordPress Blog

We have told before that Pinterest is a best social media source. Pinterest marketing strategies will rank high considering your WordPress blog. The Pinterest search views differ from another considering below factors:

  • Definite keywords for definite search results
  • Relevant and sorted based results on home or news feed
  • Category base fallouts

There are several paths for incorporating your WordPress blog with Pinterest. Some of them are very popular in use:

  • You can upload contents from a personal computer and mobile devices. Add links and descriptions to make sure that relevant pinners can avail it.
  • Re-pin an image which has already uploaded by someone.
  • Pin-buttons which are available in the browser as well as on websites. These pin-buttons permits to generate a preview of pins and to save in pinboards.

Pinterest widget and pin-button offer:

  1. Your profile
  2. A pin
  3. A board
  4. Save button and
  5. Follow button

Hope above both tips will force people to follow and pin you on the platform.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Above we have an inordinate submission of Pinterest. Hope you are doing well with Pinterest according to this content. But if you don’t know Pinterest marketing strategies, how will you be successful?

The most precious Pinterest have the Pinterest marketing strategies. The Pinterest marketing strategies may take part in your general success:

The practice of Horizontal Images: Create visual templates on Canva. Also, the user can customize templates on boards.

Join Pinterest Group Boards: Group boards are different from personal boards. It is different from the use of public icons because of various users contribute. The pinners who follow the same group have the similar home feed. PinGroupie plugin that helps to determine which group board you should track.

Start on Pinterest Group Boards: Instead of seeking for group board’s membership, start at one and invite your customers. Establish your leadership, social proof and perform customer research through this. Besides, invite your buyers and increase sell together through it.

Pin on a Schedule: Please mark this tip. This policy tends you to post 4-5 times a day on Pinterest.

Hold a Contest: Make following you on a Pinterest profile repined by others. Arrange a giveaway on this process.

Post During Peak Hours: Pinners often post on Pinterest during off-peak hours. Pinterest peak hours start from 8-11 PM especially on Saturday which can catch more eyes. Including daily basis at 9 PM and Friday at 3 PM are the high traffic times.

Re-pin Your Own and Other’s Content: For attracting users and attach them to own pin, re-pin others content.

Establish Relationships with Other Bloggers and Pinners: Among Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest is the proper social media. Do you have any idea why? Pinterest is the only place where you can work with the influencers, bloggers and pinners together. Wit and Delight and Poppytalk are such types of accounts which have worked with Pinterest marketing strategies.


Pinterest’s earlier terms and services asserted ownership of admin content. The SEO friendly Pinterest has a favorite keyword research tool like Ahrefs. Then compare search engine results for cumulative pins. Construct 20+ boards with 100+ pins by using keywords by it. At earlier, peoples have a misconception about Pinterest. They considered it as soft social media for creating everything perfect and dandy. But simultaneously, they are amazing day by day with Pinterest marketing strategies.

Hope you have enjoyed the above features with details of Pinterest. If Pinterest marketing strategies have amazed you really, share us in the comment section.

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