5 Best Plugins to Create Multivendor Marketplace

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Are you searching for the best plugins to create multivendor marketplace?

As we have given you the information to create a marketplace in WordPress using WooCommerce, now we will discuss the 5 WordPress best plugins which will help you to create a multivendor marketplace.

The multivendor marketplace is the form of an eCommerce website. It is a place online where website owner can sort commissions on their sale and multiple operators can sell their materials. Do you have any idea that how people across the world is generating revenues? eBay.com and Amazon.com are the two biggest marketplace websites is the answer to this question.

After the invention of MultiVendorX plugin in 2014, it could have hardly fulfilled the demands of the developers and the bloggers. There are now a lot of new multivendor marketplace websites which are so demanding and exclusive with their new structures.

  • Freelancer type: Sell services only
  • Themeforest or Shutterstock type: sell only downloadable stuff
  • Amazon type: Not only sells digital commodities but also sells physical commodities

So let us introduce with the 5 best plugins which will fulfill your requirements to create a multivendor marketplace.

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Dokan plugin has become the most popular one with its inclusive features you want. It is the most advanced WooCommerce search plugin.

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Features Activities
SEO friendly As it is SEO friendly, will help you to make sells regular and increase sales better than before
Frontend Dashboard Admins and vendors can manage stores and save earning reports for further balance check
Easy Withdraw and Frontend Order Management Orders can be easily managed and withdraw request will accept and effective by admins and better for customers
WooCommerce Compatibility This plugin extends with WooCommerce themes and WooCommerce’s  eCommerce competences
Multiple Commission It creates multiple order on categorized stuff
Multilingual System Create your online website through different languages
Various Gateways It offers several payment gateways on altered base
Custom Store URL The newest property of this plugin is admin can customize store URL and with this product level shipping is also possible

Dokan Pros:

  • Dokan has the most powerful and upgrade features for creating a multivendor marketplace in WordPress.
  • It supports the payment gateways through PayPal, Skrill, and Stripe.

Dokan Cons:

  • By way of Dokan has some elites, it will cost you more than other plugins.

WC Vendors

For an outstanding multivendor marketplace, use WC Vendors’ addon. Substituting it with Dokan as if you have a tight budget problem. It offers several similar characteristics like Dokan.

WC Vendors Features Actions
Orders Administration and Frontend Products In vendors’ dashboard, this plugin has some options for- affiliate products, downloadable products, grouped products, private listing option, and tax status. These are editable and admins can control and modify the orders for products easily.
Rating Method and Header Notable Upload facility For excellent branding of vendors’ products in own store’ page and eBay seller page, sellers can choose header banner image and upload it anytime
Generate Coupons and Shipping Expense Set up Who denies coupons? Of course no one. This plugin helps to create coupons in WooCommerce selling the business and set shipping charges for each product
Instant and Easy Payments Strategy For instant payments, dealers use PayPal and Stripe. But once customer will pay for something it cannot be refunded at all  
Discount on Vendors’ sale Commissioner can set the amount and the type of discounts in two ways, fixed fee and percentage fee

WC Vendors cons:

  • Though there is free version trial of this plugin remember one thing, there is no return of money once you have paid for this one.

YITH Multi Vendor

YITH Multi Vendor has some lack of group integrations that make it lower qualified than WC Vendor. WC Vendor and YITH have some common issues like commissions on sale, payment process. But it has some other features like gathering more traffic on sites which increase its popularity.

YITH Features Activities
Multiple administrator details It helps to multiple merchants and along with letting them choose more registered users with their details
Advanced reports Advanced reports are made based on exports, quality users, and vital information about products
Exclude number of products and merchants product limitation Exclude bulk and stock empty products and boundary the number of products for each seller  
Google map for shop location The new version of this plugin has this newest feature and that is to help customers to find the shop location simply

YITH Multi Vendor Cons:

  • If you were unable to create an account on PayPal MassPay, you would not be able to download this plugin for the supplementary procedure
  • No more order management is available in the control panel

MultiVendorX ( Previously WC Marketplace )

Do you want to download free any plugin related to WooCommerce? The answer is MultiVendorX plugin. It has more friendly performances as like as WooCommerce auctions, WooCommerce subscriptions, WooCommerce bookings.

MultiVendorX Features                                   Actions
Director taskbar After finishing your tasks, you will be notified and breeze your site. You will also be notified for approving customers registration, selling products and add products in cart
Dealer review management Admins only approve the reviews about products and services from those who have purchased goods from the eCommerce site
Modifying vendor registration form This plugin suggests admins modify registration form and terms and policies as per requirements in the overall marketplace
Compound payment channel It has instant payment transfer. Moreover, you have payment flexibility opportunity for percentage and fixed amount.

MultiVendorX Pros:

  • It has email and forum maintenance
  • 30 day time no question repayment

MultiVendorX Cons:

  • This plugin does not have WooCommerce booking issue
  • Users face quite a few bugs during customization

Advanced Woo Search

Live search plugin! It will make your web page wonderful. This one is a potent live search plugin. It has some premium version demo identical- infinite amount search form illustrations, results in layouts, and stock status option. Advanced Woo Search has some other features and they are:

Advanced Woo Search Features                      Activities
Advanced setting page It has advanced settings page which is so user kindly with lots of preferences
Stop words option While consumers are searching for products, this plugin has stop words option to avoid unnecessary searching words
Widget and shortcode If you want to replace search box anywhere, conduct widget and shortcode  

Advanced Woo Search Pros:

  • Each exploration results will contain product price and image
  • It is well-suited with WordPress 4.9.6

Advanced Woo Search Cons:

  • It has payment problem with Stripe and PayPal and no free trial

Ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs would like to choose all these plugins to create an online marketplace in WordPress. These 5 best plugins have rocketed WordPress popularity and drawn up it as number 1 CMS in the world. So do not be foolish and even no more confusion, install your one to create multivendor marketplace indeed.

Still confused? Don’t worry! We have experienced consultants who will guide you to take a proper decision! And even we have experts who can help you in building the marketplace. All you need to reach us for help.

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