5 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

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What is WordPress live chat plugin?

On our previous article, we have described WordPress and its multipurpose themes, plugins and so on. Now we are going to inform about WordPress live chat plugins which will force you to install them with a view to attracting your customers.

Live chat plugin WordPress

Do not Customers always like to have a response from their shopping sites? Yes, they do. WordPress live chat plugins are used for connecting with more customers and connect to other social apps. So let us have some WordPress live chat plugins at a glance.



In live chat maintenance software, LiveChat is the Endeavour Leader not only implies this from its name but also by configurations. It is supportive of mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. You can add review form next to a live chat and can weigh your support team. Along with this, it is the best one ever in WordPress live chat plugins because it has some best features. Let us have a look at them.

Features Pricing Rating
Customers can refer support ticket during seller off- hours
  • Billed $16 per month annually or
  • $19 per month to month
  • 30 days free trial
Implements with other services like-

  • Zendesk
  • Popular CRM software
  • Current email marketing services
  • Google analytics
Saves the time for clients and vendors
Much speedy than other live chat plugins
Attractive and functional dashboard
Share button for share reviews on other social apps
Chat customizing option on windows
Single dashboard control to all conversations

Website: www.livechat.com


The second best performer in live chat plugins for WordPress industry is Zopim. It is available and a dedicated WordPress plugin.

Do you want most stylish chat boxes with beautiful and customizable layouts and themes? Zopim is the right one. Moreover, it has some other configurations and they are here.

Configurations Pricing User rating
Special feature: customizable chat boxes
  • Premium access- $11.20 per month
  • Free trial- 30 days with limited features for one active chat
Unlimited free conversations
Access Zopim dashboard and respond to messages
Supportive on Android and iPhone app
Free subscription offer
Premium access lets you launch auto chat box
One agent can conduct and restrict other chats at one time

Website: www.zopim.com


Casengo is the most popular WordPress live chat plugin for adding live chats on websites. It has some coolest features and they are given below with pricing and rating.

Features Pricing Rating
Multi-channel support
  • Premium plan- $10 per month
  • Free trial- for 5 agents
4.5/ 5
Manage multiple websites
Incorporation with-

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp  
Phone and tablet compassionate
Casengo FAQ plugin for clients
Team alliance
Cope up with multiple mailboxes

Website: www.casengo.com


Do you want the simplest live chat plugin for WordPress? Casengo is the precise one.

For an online business, it is easy to add Olark and you require to replica a code snippet into your hosted WordPress child theme or widgets. Otherwise, it offers a free Olark if you do not have coding knowledge.

It is the simplest one because it has some simple features.

Features Pricing Rating
Connect to patrons from anywhere through any android devices
  • Premium plans- $17 per month
  • Free trial- 30 days for 20 conversations
Integrate with other services-

  • Highrise
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Groove
Show and hide chat box
You can track customer satisfaction, chat frequency
Can uproot Olarks’ branding
Have assembly of operators- transactions team and support team

Website: www.olark.com

WP Live Chat Support

The only free best live chat plugins for WordPress is WP Live Chat Support in today’s’ carrier list.

It has certain configurations which will allow you to install this as soon as possible as it is free and people want the free ones all the time. But the fact is, this ones’ pro version must cost you $39.95 as it has some upgraded features.

The configurations of WP Live Chat Support are below with rating.

Configurations Pricing Rating
Convenient chat box Free of cost 4.95/5
Six pre-defined chat box covers
Visitors are able to drag chat box on the screen
Inclusive control panel
Unlimited chat history and free conversations

Website: www.wplivechatsupport.com

Nothing beats live chat as browsing the internet senses quite measured, is not it?

I am quite sure it is therefore live chat empowers vendors to provide exceptions by resolving purchasers problems easily. Driving out solutions through live chat has become a fashion and it works rapidly by removing buyers’ friction, sales queries in exact time.

With all these alignments, live chat plugins make WordPress more stylish CMS than ever before. So choose your right one from these plugins and add-on website you belong to.


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