Why should you choose Brizy V1.0.26?

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Increase your editing experience and control most stuff inline.

But how? Users most often overwhelmed with choosing visual page builder. Brizy is the name which has joined in Github like other page builders. Besides, it has the compatibility with other themes of WordPress. Global styling, design elements and what not in Brizy V1.0.26! That’s why it has placed itself among the popular page builders list.

Introduction with Brizy V1.0.26

As a teen in visual page builders world, Brizy has earned fame. Also, it heaps up to the competition of solid choices of users. So it’s changing its features due to the comforts of users.

So what will you learn from this article? Here, a short introduction with Brizy V1.0.26. Also, the new features you will get to know step by step.

Basic roles that play the Brizy V1.0.26 are-

  • Hiring a pro
  • Buy perfect templates
  • Opportunity to separate and design each block
  • Without touching, generate modern pages

Once you use this, will force you again and again. In the previous version, was lack of searching and maintain options:

  • Image option in LeftSidebar
  • Brizy new templates
  • Easy to submit issue option in LeftSidebar
  • And much more

Hope you are now clear about the importance of this Brizy V1.0.26. Beginners should read how to create a page with Brizy page builder for more information. Jumping to next part of this article to introduce with what’s new in Brizy.

What’s New in Brizy V1.0.26?

Last V1.0.25, Brizy took assured alignments:

  • Upload pathway for window installs
  • The header for compiler requests
  • Improved the preview page

The updated Brizy presents some new features. But as well as the requirements have changed of PHP and WP.


  • WordPress 4.9.8 or up to5 and
  • PHP 5.4 or higher

The list of features in Brizy 1.0.26:

  • Image lightbox
  • Brizy templates
  • Image preference in the LeftSidebar
  • LeftSidebar also contains an upgrade to pro option and submit an issue option
  • Taxonomies API method

Improved functions in Brizy V1.0.26:

  • Templates comprise custom preview URLs
  • By default, no links will open a new tab
  • Device mode popover styles
  • Crop proxy to accept the uid hashes and attachment ids
  • Icons and popups categories dropdown styles
  • Toolbar labels color contrast

Fixed functions in Brizy V1.0.26:

  • Compile check for templates
  • Refresh permalink cache
  • Text space both for ordered and unordered lists
  • Bug detects on templates module
  • Image lightbox cursor style
  • Link CSS conflicts in contradiction of WP themes
  • Limited and unlimited access to Brizy templates
Watch video on Brizy V1.0.26

Wrap it up

WordPress enthusiasts, don’t worry about efficient visual web page builder. Brizy.io will come next with premium plans of Brizy. Have you had the chance to test this plugin? The A/B testing tools will help with that. People who explore possibilities and experiment their skilled identity should choose Brizy V1.0.26. But the fact is, no mere ambitious business is acceptable here. Only the small and local business will benefit by this plugin. In the case of personal projects and newbies can save much time by this one.

So the newbies, where are you all? Have not you install Brizy V1.0.26 yet? Install fast.

Learn More about Brizy V1.0.26 

Let me know the experience of Brizy V1.0.26 in the comment section below.

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