WordPress Booking Plugins in 2019

WordPress Booking plugins 2019

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Customers would like to buy everything online as a shortcut. The smartest way is now to make appointments, bookings and check availability. So they prefer it anytime as if the holiday is going but still available online. In that case, WordPress booking plugins assist with your business to serve customers.

Characteristics of Booking Plugins and the Necessity

Several types of booking plugins will increase new functionality on the website. Such booking plugins can provide services such as:

  • Accept visitors requests for beneficial time slots
  • Easy to engage through mobile phones for appointment
  • Ensure appointment with email notification
  • Save calls to remind later

Include the following tools to allow customers to book services from the website.

WordPress Booking Plugins in 2019

Let’s check out the most important WordPress booking plugins in 2019 (free).

1.      Booking Calendar Contact Form

We consider it as the first and best one. Why? Because it offers to integrate both with PayPal and reservation calendar. In that case, you can build a traditional contact form with the ability to pay. Take a look at more features.

Notable Features:

  • To remind at ease, starting and ending dates are quite easy to choose.
  • A built-in anti-spam CAPTCHA has included.
  • No need to worry about long-term booking. Daily to more long time contact service are available.
  • Customize email text through settings and validation messages.

Get Booking Calendar Contact Form

2.      Sagenda

Let’s introduce Sagenda, the premier online contact store. Sudden meetings and appointments can arrange with this tool. Wanna avail more features?

Notable Features:

  • Visitors themselves can choose date and time from the integrated calendar.
  • Tight budget? No costs for clients can reduce your budget.
  • Limitless assigned service.
  • Implement a booking tool on any pages and posts through Sagenda shortcodes.

Get Sagenda

3.      Booking Calendar

A well supportive package in one tool is the Booking Calendar. An intuitive interface and gentle functionality help to make business 100% online.

Notable Features:

  • Without a third-party account, booking received easily stored on the database.
  • Match site design with soothes design of the calendar.
  • A quick option to add appointments in Google Calendar.
  • Give proper response with front-end and back-end design.
  • Easy to import events to the admin panel.

Get Booking Calendar

4.      Bookings

This toolkit empowers online booking business 100%. The digital interface makes one feel free to conduct. But the free version feedbacks to 25 booking/month and one schedule.

Notable Features:

  • Responsive to many languages.
  • Day/week/monthly layouts in all calendars.
  • Community support via each of their forums.
  • Manage restricted reservations and blackout times within a moment.
  • Customizable maximum and minimum reservations limit with time.

Get Bookings

5.      WP Simple Booking Calendar

This one only offers to rent homes for holiday or vacation. Tourists are very much expensive. So this tool only helps to serve them to earn much.

Notable Features:

  • Display available homes according to that place to holiday.
  • Create one calendar.
  • To avoid time spending, show available homes automatically.
  • Language translation options have added.

Get WP Simple Booking Calendar

Wrap Up

Have you found the perfect booking plugin from above listings? Hope you got from our enlisted ones. Encode by yourself either which fits your site requirements. Ensure that the tools should have made smooth your road to online business.

Make your site efficient with programming, planning and visitors suggestions. So save your time without anxiety.

Comment below if you have further suggestions or queries.

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