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What’s New on WordPress 5.7 in 2021?

WordPress core is creating the jump from jQuery 1.12.4 to jQuery 3.5.1! this can be an enormous deal for uncountable reasons — like fashionable options, better DX, and security enhancements to call some. Right now, the arrangement is to unharness the update in WordPress 5.7, which is slated to unharness on March 9, 2021.

Core WordPress
WordPress V5.2: Let’s Learn What Is New!

WordPress V5.2, the newest version of WordPress. Well, users have another concern to have such renewed interface. The last edition included a major release like WordPress block editor with Gutenberg

WordPress News
Comparison between the best eCommerce Hosting Platforms

Hope you have already started your online business. Our articles on the guidance of eCommerce business and start-up costs might have helped much. Choosing the best eCommerce hosting platform from

WordPress News
Future of WordPress: WordPress 5.0

Future of WordPress: WordPress 5.0, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, WordPress community Do you know what the elegant blogging platform is? Which one has got the position of number 1 Content

plugin development
Best WordPress SEO Plugins Index in 2018

I have already written about WordPress and SEO. This article is on the updated and best WordPress SEO plugins in 2018. The newbies should read the follows to practice SEO


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