Best WordPress SEO Plugins Index in 2018

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I have already written about WordPress and SEO. This article is on the updated and best WordPress SEO plugins in 2018. The newbies should read the follows to practice SEO for sites.

What is SEO and SEO ranking?

Search Engine Optimization is the short form of SEO. This is the activity to traffic to one’s site in WordPress. After building up a website, organic search engine results will affect it.
Obtaining a high SEO ranking will reach your site high in the search results. The high ranked contents will show in search results and increase the number of visitors. So SEO ranking is a kind of strategy to develop websites position.

Want to achieve high SEO ranking?

Well, this must be every content developers cherish to be. But there are some ways to develop the site. Also, to get high ranking SEO based contents in search engines. These following suggestions will help to achieve so.
  • Link worthy site: Use rich keywords like “Search Engine Optimization” and attach URL. This will test your related web pages.
  • Publish relevant contents: Quality contents sort out site in search engines results. The written content should have relevancy with the title.
  • Update contents: Optimizing contents is the way to appear fast in the search results. So regular update contents.
  • Metadata: a short information should have inserted into the Meta description. This is always about the selected topic on the first of all.
  • Use alt tags: the alt tags will help to locate your page. Also, helps search engines not to crawl.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins Index in 2018

1. Yoast SEO

The most downloaded and popular SEO plugin. Still, in 2018, it has achieved over 5 million downloads and 4.7 user rating. This has an extra care for all your technical optimization. That’s why it achieved such popularity with a variety of features.
Key features of Yoast SEO
  • Multi-site compatibility
  • Create better and relevant contents
  • Meta elements for creating appropriate links
  • Page analysis with users readability
  • Including advanced XML Sitemaps
  • Snippet previews to have a view in search results
  • Great integration with Google search
Buy Yoast SEO Premium to get extra facilities.

2. SEO Squirrly

Need versatility and data flexibility all at once? The answer is SEO Squirrly.
This one is a complete content marketing suite. Including this, will update all other activated SEO plugins. This assisted WordPress SEO will simplify you with excellent features.
  • Free access to support team
  • All marketing assistants are ready
  • Proper keyword optimization
  • Contextual keywords and import data
  • Preview option for pages
  • Avoid confusions by setting canonical URLs to abstain duplicate content
  • Google SEO ranking checker
The SEO Squirrly Pro offers more than the free one. The free one is offering these much of features, the paid one will more. Do not think much and avail it.

3. SEOPress

Having XML Sitemaps and custom HTML is so important. SEO press gives the access. It includes breadcrumbs to write SEO optimized contents.
Key features of SEOPress
  • Meta robots
  • Image XML Sitemaps to appear in Google search images results
  • Link up social media accounts on your site
  • Redirection in pages, posts and custom post types
  • Remove stop words
  • Multi-language support (5 languages)
  • Import and export setting option
The SEOPress Pro will amaze with video XML including other configurations. Take a view of it for better future use.

4. SEO Framework

The automated and fastest SEO solution is SEO framework. It has extension managers divided into two types focus and local. All business knowledge graphs are available with one click. If the Sitemaps don’t include categories, breadcrumb scripts will help to find them.
Key features of SEO Framework
  • Automated title output option
  • structured and home page options
  • Prevents canonical errors and discourage 404 pages
The SEO Framework docs will help to go further.

5. AMP for WP

Now WordPress has mobile optimization. Such kind of plugin is AMP for WP. This will make easier searching process through mobile. Desktop searching is reducing day by day. This one has accelerated mobile pages functionality. The fastest tool in WordPress for mobile users is AMP for WP.
Key features of AMP for WP

Wrapping up

There are thousands of SEO adjusted plugins are available. The above SEO tools help to rank your website. Besides, these and your unused plugins can slow down page speed. Deactivate the unused and activate the frequent toolkits.
Hope the above-updated SEO plugins will solve issues. So think practical to choose the right plugins.

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