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Top 6 Steps to secure your WordPress website

Are you concerned about your website getting hacked? Well, who isn’t? Security is a major concern for every website owners. So, you aren’t obviously the only one. If you don’t

Core WordPress
How to keep a Backup of your WordPress Site

Imagine one day you go to your website only to find everything’s gone! Losing all your files and data would be a disaster especially if you are running a business

Core WordPress
How to Use Visual Contents to Get More Traffic?

Have you assigned to a content marketing campaign? Whatever you know and sharing with audiences can improve your site traffic. Before doing this, you should know which elements stimulate online

Core WordPress
What is PHP and How to Use PHP in WordPress

How to use PHP in WordPress? Most web beginners’ common question. Though PHP is a programming language, the written one uses to represent scripting language. PHP is an open source


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