Hello BigCommerce: New Alternative for WooCommerce

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Suppose, you are an eCommerce site owner incorporating with WordPress. You want to integrate with popular payment gateway. Which is the first choice? Of course, WooCommerce. This has now changed. Now a lot of alternate SaaS (Software as a Service) has designed to opt out. In this race, BigCommerce has launched own plugin.

Hello BigCommerce: New Alternative for WooCommerce

Considering newbies growing eCommerce business, BigCommerce appeared as a platform in 2009. Why has it become more popular rapidly? It assists in building a quick website with built-in functions. Moreover, BigCommerce supports as an add-on in-

The corresponding back-end functions of BigCommerce for WordPress plugin are-

  • Order management
  • Processing management
  • Support with designed logistics and
  • Catalog management

Now empower your eCommerce site by contents and selling products. Also, make your product QR codes with specified WP tools.

Boost Up Site with BigCommerce

BigCommerce has a strong backend engine for managing a website as a platform. With this issue, this platform offers unique advantages in its usage. Such as-

Customization Support

  • Gutenberg Block Editor has included. Special functions help to integrate standard eCommerce aspects in one theme. No coding knowledge requires to open your store.
  • A large community of entrepreneurs shares ideas and market conditions. They help each other for site management.
  • Accelerate mobile pages faster to order and buy products.

Proper Security System

  • Admin panel accounts security is the foremost duty. Keep a history of account logins, sales, orders and other online marketing.
  • Payment gateways in 65 types which serves at least 100 countries customers. So the big deal is to secure payment numbers and online shopping.
  • An embedded checkout competency has designed in BigCommerce plugin. Signature collection and data encryption are now safe with PCI compliance.

Redundant Features

  • Do you have Google Analytical tools in WordPress site? This plugin also offers such services as Google Analytics does.
  • Lowest fees of credit card have determined by this one. With the growth of the business, update a plan or use the present one.
  • Drop shipping business is popular over the world.  Like this, free shipping and flat rates are also available for remote country business.
  • Offer discounts, coupons and grade promotions without other plugins response.

In Closing

From a Google survey, it is clear that BigCommerce and WooCommerce are getting more competitive day by day. But still, WooCommerce is much familiar and conducted. On the other hand, you can’t ignore widespread BigCommerce offers.

Which one is better for your eCommerce business? Let us know in the comment section.

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