WordPress and Search Engine Optimization

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Searching for the best CMS for SEO Powerhouse and Friendly Content?

WordPress is the master of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) powerhouse and creating creative content.

Do you know what is WordPress, why it is the best and how does it work? Let’s have an overview of it though we have discussed the major update in new WordPress 5.0.

What is WordPress?


The uncertainty you want to do SEO friendly and to have fresh content optimization power, you have to plug in WordPress 5.0 which is now experiencing the web page builder in the game of SEO. With a view to putting forward in the SEO game, the best CMS ever in the world is the only one WordPress. Other characteristics of WordPress are-

  • For running on a server and to install WordPress is with free of cost indeed.
  • It has premium themes which all totally cost $18 if you want to out website through WordPress.com. Bluehost or Siteground offers users 60% off their lay on prices to web lay on and domain uses.
  • For filling up your imagination, WordPress can be used by way of the blog though it has been advanced with such content supervision like plugins, themes, templates and widgets and so others.

There exist other blogging platforms identical- WordPress.com, Blogger, Wix, Tumbler, Joomla, Ghost and etc. But the fact is that WordPress is better than other platforms with a view to offering beginners with compatible features and encourage to build up own website.

Why WordPress?

Beginners query why to practice on WordPress or why must switch to WordPress. Look beyond answers.

  • WordPress is unrestricted as in freedom. It is flexible too and compatible to absorb powers of other plugins about 22.5% including in a recent survey.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Informal to setup with other plugins and crisscross http://www.wpbeginner.com/free-wordpress-blog-setup/

Including this contiguity individualizes, WordPress is a riot with other facilities for the beginners and the old website builders and these are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Powerhouse

As we have explained that why you firstly choose WordPress and that is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Favors to on-page SEO, it refers to other significant elements.

    Elements                                                                  Significant Works
Label Tags and Headings The title which is wrapped in H1 tags. Along with other heading tags, WordPress permits Google to help to find such information and lets HTML tags.
Easy content Together with multimedia content such as images and videos, WordPress creates always high superiority content that has made not ever before.
Suitable HTML Markup Regularly in PHP, WordPress forms HTML pages for quest engines. The latest generation of themes like Genesis has been helped HTML5 page.
SEO Responsive Permalinks WordPress has the facility to set up links which are known as Permalinks. Through this search engines and site visitors can realize what they are searching for.
Plenty of SEO Plugins Including themes and template library, WordPress creates the compatibility with riot plugins like Elementor, WPBakery and so on which will help to design and form friendly SEO. Check this thread https://www.monsterinsights.com/
Mobile Optimization Including All Browsers E-browser, Opera, UC browser and others can be used as doing on-page SEO.

Security Issue

One should not suffer from security confusion problem for having such top-notch security of WordPress. It has built such security shield that will avoid your site from hacking and spamming. If a susceptibility is being detected, WordPress Security Team will send a security to bring up-to-date instantly. Moreover, it has-

  • Systematic software updates: Gradually updates security system and along with software.
  • The solid observer for malware:

WordPress works as security observer for malware. Check this https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups

  • Vigorous password protection:

WordPress protects data and other software through a password.

  • SSL certificate protection:

For protecting individual data and secure hollows layer SSL is a security ranking technology by Google.

Ways to Manage Content

For making business or breaking others, WordPress content has a forceful contribution. Besides this-

  • Disruption-free writing mode:

Bloggers and authors can easily write on WordPress without disruption. It makes fluency and creativity.

  • Saves content as draft: After writing if you don’t want to publish immediately, press on the left button on the side of publishing icon.
  • Automatic save preference as text or as visual:

Writing on the WordPress as visual or as text, save them as a draft or publish it as contains.

  • Publish only clicking on “Publish” icon:

Subsequently writing, publish by clicking on Publish icon.

  • Filters replica content:

WordPress always filters Meta tags, contents, title, and others to create a high-quality content.

  • Customize option for post editing:

Some of WordPress customize editors are- CKEditor for WordPress and Pods-Custom Content Types and fields.

Extendable Via Themes and Plugins

WordPress has some other themes and plugins which will help to secure website and feeds and let design individually the contents and templates, widgets and themes.

                    Titles         Designs and Flexibility
Free themes With tons of free themes design your websites such as Twenty sixteen and Twenty Seventeen.
Single admin panel Feel free to host your website single as per WordPress account has Single Admin Panel option.
Back-end The back-end is the administration panel of WordPress which is enabled for comparing the other contents with own ones.
Irrelevant for HTML editing Neither it expresses HTML editing irrelevant nor FTP software.
Relax synchronization Synchronize with third-party integration plugins. Moreover, you can send your emails to the customers through MailChimp.
Drag and drop As for including the images and videos and thus adjust them in the content use WordPress drag and drop option.
Disable and enable the option While using a lots plugins can hang PC. So WordPress has the disable option to disable such plugin and enable the option for switching to another.
RSS feed It services as to subscribe own blogs easily and to customize functions.
Sidebars and footers Customized sidebars and footers allow design own website.


Earning money through WordPress has now become so easy whenever it expressed itself as from not only as blog belong but also as SEO Powerhouse.

  • Google AdSense Display:

For getting paid process, by users press on ads.

  • By Flipping Websites:

After knowing the demanded websites, build website> get traffic> sell it.

  • WordPress Plugin for Sell Advertise Directly:

Instead of using Google AdSense, put a jiff code to website> have agreement and terms> negotiate pricing> sell ads and banners directly.

  • WordPress Associate Marketing:

Build web page, by customers for recommended products, get commission and earn money like from Amazon, ShareASale and Commission Junction.

  • Through Sponsored Blog Posts:

publish sponsored posts> comply FTC’s Endorsement Guides.

Speedy and Efficient

After installing WordPress plugin, use images to speed up WordPress. Even after that if you want to speed up more and unable to do that step, do these-

  • Always keep WordPress site on keep informed.
  • Use faster slide or faster gallery.
  • Content delivery network open and divided comments into pages.

These will add SEO in innovative form and monetization will be so laidback and sooner than before.

Social Media Digestion

  • Forecast post:

Through media plugins like Microblog Poster and CoSchedule can straightforwardly forecast blog posts directly.  

  • Comfortable to share on the community podium: Increasing utmost credibility, the plugin Yoast SEO provides the facility to comfortable to share on the community podium with one click.
  • Community bookmarking and input buttons:

Another solitary unit is this. This can increase ROI and more traffic in the site. It also allows community bookmarking in one tab and input buttons in another.

eCommerce Resolution

Through WordPress most developed eCommerce plugin WooCommerce, generate store and publish advertises and sell them. Thus the eCommerce is developing and has become popular through WordPress.

Generate Multi Language Website

WordPress is better than any other CMS for it’s another wonderful feature and that is, it can generate multi-language. From own language, WordPress can transform the language into 70 different languages. Install WPL or PolyLang Plugin or TranslatePress for translate the website elements.

Hope you are not still worried about install WordPress and Write on it.

Hence, don’t be late. Grab WordPress with the intuitive features which no other CMS have ever been. Earn money through blogging and SEO making.

Happy SEO constructing along with blogging!

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