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software and app landing html

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Suppose, you have generated a webpage. Your visited or created website may have terms such as Sign up, Buy, Pre-order and so on. Already it has confirmed that you have browsed a landing page. You must agree that this is the era of web development. With this rapid development and expansion, in most of the cases, web pages are introducing as landing pages.

Such software and app landing page HTML templates assist in focusing on the more particular type. eCommerce startup, minimum required costs and pre-requirements could be the particular issues. To fulfill newbies demand, Voidcoders has launched Sean. This one is not just an HTML template for bloggers and businessmen. Also, eligible for software and app landing page which transfers files from one language to another.

Sean – SaaS Software and App Landing Page HTML Template

Sean – SaaS Software and App Landing Page HTML Template

Sean has designed in a unique system which is much preferable to operate landing pages with HTML5 format. This is not the end. User can convert the format from the latest HTML5 to CSS3 and SASS. Let’s see from the feature box that what is waiting for you.

Why Need Sean for Your Site?

Pricing: $14 with 6 months of customer support.

Notable Features:

  • Designed based on SASS and Bootstrap 4x
  • 28 HTML files
  • 25 SCSS files
  • 12 homepages
  • 12 columns
  • One help file
  • 1140 special grid system
  • 100% pixel perfect design
  • 100% customizable
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Modern design standards and typography

List of HTML pages:

  1. Index.html
  2. Index-2.html
  3. Index-3.html
  4. Index-4.html
  5. Index-5.html
  6. Index-6.html
  7. Index-7.html
  8. Index-8.html
  9. Index-9.html
  10. Index-10.html
  11. Index-11.html
  12. Index-12.html
  13. Blog.html
  14. Blog-2.html
  15. Blog-3.html
  16. Blog details.html
  17. Blog details-2.html
  18. Blog details-3.html
  19. Portfolio.html
  20. Portfolio-2.html
  21. Portfolio-3.html
  22. Portfolio details.html
  23. About.html
  24. Service.html
  25. FAQ.html
  26. Contact.html
  27. Contact-2.html
  28. 404.html

Font Used: Poppins and Nunito

Icon Used: Font Awesome and Flaticon

User Rating: 4.9/5

Wrap Up

Sean is a perfect HTML5 template, isn’t it? Well, Sean suits software and app landing page. The basic design is based on upgraded Bootstrap 4x, SAAS, CSS3 and HTML5. All noob-friendly documentation and editable files enforce to keep attached with this one.

Have you enjoyed the thrill of this showcase template? If not yet, just download it on your website and share the experiences.

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