Top WordPress Anti-spam Plugins in 2019

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Is it okay while you get a decent amount of traffic on a website? This is not exhilarating for website owners. Decent amount of traffic allows much spams and spammers in posts, comments and some other places. This can reduce the ranking of SEO.

What can you do now? You don’t want to spammers and can’t check all comments in contents. So you need an anti-spam plugin. Let’s introduce with best anti-spam plugins for WordPress.

You could look at the handpicked Anti-spam plugins. Hope the anti-spam plugins will be cost-effective and efficient for WP sites.

1.      Akismet

The most cost-effective and #1 plugin in the WordPress directory. An API key (sign up) requires to activate the Akismet plugin.

Notable features:

  • Offers up to 5000 spam checking.
  • Correct comments publish automatically.
  • Great integration with Jetpack, Contact Form 7 and much more.

Price: free and premium plans available from $5/month.

2.      Anti-Spam Bee

No matter whenever you want to keep your website spam free. Anti-spam Bee does not require to activate by user registration.

Notable features:

  • Comments from specific IP addresses remain forever blocked.
  • Counter list for saving spammer numbers with details.
  • Inhibit spammers leading with Fail2Ban.

Price: free

3.      WordPress Zero Spam

Want to prevent bots from spamming?

This toolkit uses JavaScripts key validation which is both client and server supported. Why do you need WordPress Zero Spam? Check this out.

Notable features:

  • Anti-spam checking fits without any external service.
  • Provides protection against trackback spams.
  • The user only can comment after enabling JavaScript.

Price: Free for both personal and commercial usage.

4.      WP-Spamshield Anti-spam

There is the possibility of lots of spams. WP-Spamshield Anti-spam does not permit any spammers to enter in the site database. As a bonus, you can block comments through a proxy server.

Notable features:

  • 2 layers of protection-
  1. Algorithmic anti-spam layer filters comment with 100+ algorithms.
  2. JavaScript anti-spam layer blocks all prompted spambots.
  • Compatibility with all types of plugins such as WooCommerce, contact forms and much more.

Price: Free for personal and professional plans.

5.      Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

Wanna block unlimited spam bots? GASP is the best option. But the problem is the protection only from client-side. But in the essential moment, this one has a rapid block system.

Notable features:

  • Checkbox for users for ensuring that they aren’t spammers.
  • Dynamic generated named field to publish comments.
  • Set an absolute number of comments.

Price: as usual, free.

Final Comparison

Anti-spam Plugins Server or Client Sided Limitations of Blocking Pricing
Akismet Client 5000+ Free and premium- $5/month
Anti-spam Bee Both 500+ Free
WordPress Zero Spam Both Unlimited Free
WP-Spamshield Anti-spam Server 100+ Free
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin Client Unlimited Free

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed this anti-spam plugins related article. We have tried to capture enough details of anti-spam plugins. If you know any fabulous plugin that we have not enlisted, comment for it. With your concern, let others to be acknowledged.

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