Best WordPress A/B Testing Tools in 2018

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Too much use of WordPress elements can harm the site as well as conversion rate. For a skyrocket sales, increase sites conversion rate.
Now you may have two questions in mind. One, how can you speed up your site? And another to grow sales?
Well, there are both effective and ineffective methods to solve your problems. Today’s topic is with above in mind. In this article, I will discuss the importance of A/B testing. Along with, will sort out the best WordPress A/B testing plugins in 2018.

A/B testing in WordPress

Web developers follow two types of testing. A/B testing is one of them. This one testing results for the response of readers. This test results in two-page elements which are against each other. For instance, design two equal web pages for testing a headline. Those pages will feature separate headlines and create direct traffic for each one. Now see, which headlines result in more time on page and higher conversions.
Another testing type is multivariate testing. Test and compare variations of the same page is the specialty of this ones. Also, clears the positive response amounts of users. But sometimes, it limits with narrowing down specific page elements.
As a powerful method, A/B testing is more effective.

Split test of the website in WordPress

A/B testing is a split test. Why? Includes undertaking the strategy to test each element on one’s website and web page. Web developers consider it an effective method for speed testing.
For instance, start with headers. Take two of them and continue to test for getting a better SEO result.
Again, experiment with following web page fundamentals.
  • Footers and sidebars
  • Page titles
  • Color schemes
  • Opt-in forms
  • Page layout
  • Calls to action
  • Widgets
  • Content
  • Landing pages and much more
What are you thinking? Are the possibilities endless right? Yes, but you will always keep testing with this A/B testing method.

Introduction with the best WordPress A/B testing tools

Today for a bonus, I am going to introduce the best WordPress A/B testing tools. Most of them are easy to use. Again, most of them need technical skill to manage. Install your affordable one and run for A/B testing.

Nelio A/B Testing

Having a lower active installation amount, versatile optimization services in WordPress for initiates. Includes powerful and beautiful Heatmaps and compatible with WooCommerce. Manage, define and keep track of A/B testing.

Why choose Nelio A/B Testing?

Caldera Forms

Another free and powerful WordPress A/B testing plugin is Caldera Forms. Single drag and drop editor with friendly add-ons. Get more robust data from customer and site visitors on conditions.

Why choose Caldera Forms?

  • The conditional logic for auto-responded recipients, form fields and processors
  • Export entries to CSV
  • Caldera custom fields add-on for front-end post submissions
  • Stop bots by anti-spam by default
  • Start with form templates

Ad Inserter

Want a plugin with advanced advertising features? Ad Inserter offers you to insert ads at an optimal position. Google AdSense ads, ads and rotating banners are such kinds of ads. Ad Insert reviews will confirm its demanding position in the market.

Why choose Ad Inserter?

  • Code screening with the visual editor
  • Insert ads before or after post, content, paragraph, comments and excerpts
  • Disable ads for separate posts and pages
  • Fixed widgets and sidebars
  • Ad rotation and ad label options
  • Black/White-list tags, categories and taxonomies

Popups – WordPress Popup

Need a tool which can display many popups? Popups – WordPress Popup is the right one. It provides adds a call to action, increases mailing list and social followers. A simple popup displays vital messages such as EU cookie notice.

Why choose Popups – WordPress Popup?

  • Compatibility with different contact forms
  • Many display filters
  • Filter user from search engines
  • Geotargeting plugin for Geotarget Popups
  • Ajax mode to style popups contiguity
  • Translation ready in 5 changed languages

Google Optimize

This one before entitled Google Content Experiment. Google Optimize now considers as a re-developed plugin from Google. Up to 5 experiments are free after installation which differentiates from other plugins. The premium Google Optimize is available in Optimize 360.

Why choose Google Optimize?

  • With a piece of code, enter into websites header
  • Copy on WP sidebar widgets
  • Hook up button with UTM parameters. Later helps to launch A/B test in Google Optimize.
  • Tied up with automatic Google Analytics
  • Easy to change any basic HTML or CSS elements in WordPress

Wrap Up

Hope this article provides you enough info about A/B testing and its’ tools. A/B testing plugins are very plenty to use and essential. Why? Benefits while converting your visitors into customers. What does it include? In short, web page elements. Headlines, opt-in forms, graphics, page layouts and anything which can obstruct your sales. But one thing, you should remember that A/B testing is a never-ending system. Choose the precise A/B testing tool for your site.
Have I missed anything? Please let me know if. How?
Leave a message in the comment section.
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